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Your entire shipment workflow in one place

Manage your shipments without having to make hundreds of phone calls

Schedule pick-ups

Schedule your pick-ups in advance or as your orders come in. You also have the flexibility to schedule multiple orders to different drop-off points at once.

Delivery Note Management

Track and view all your delivery notes for current and past shipments. Find everything in one place and save all that time spent searching for, recording, and filing delivery notes.

Returns Management

Manage your entire returns process, based on your organization’s specific needs. Track orders rejected due to missing items, damages, or expiration dates. Centralize and analyze returns data and trends in your logistics workflow.

Taking logistics a step further

Quote Calculation

Get a competitive quote that is calculated based on various metrics consumed by our algorithm for orders that you place.

End to End Visibility

Keep track of your shipment at all stages with easy-to-understand status such as order offloaded, and order in-transit.

Reports and Analytics

See your supply chain metrics as a whole, spot any issues, and fix them together with the Senga team in order to optimize your operations.

Ready to get started?

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