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Operational Excellence — Critical Differences Amongst 3PL Operations Teams

Photo by Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition on Unsplash

At Senga Technologies, we pride ourselves on being customer and relationship-focused. This has meant doing absolutely everything possible to ensure our clients are getting the best service start to finish with every shipment they need made.

We create and refine strategies and solutions that make business more seamless and successful for the clients that move with us.

(As a third-party logistics provider we support supply chain operations through handling transportation and logistics needs for an organization.)

We collaborate with these businesses on their transportation, distribution, and shipping needs by using our own logistics expertise so that businesses can focus on their bottom line.

Who tracks every customer’s shipment from when it leaves the supplier’s factories and ensures that all documentation is in perfect order? Who arranges for secured space in trucks, and transport from point A to Z without a hitch? Our Operations Team.

In this blog, we’ll tell you how our Operations Team sets itself apart from all the others.

Being Proactive, Finding Efficiencies and Solving Problems For All Clients

We look for the best options for all our customers. We identify all routes, offering the most efficient transportation solution for each need.

As a dedicated team, we have the resources to be flexible and meet changing demands of a client. We also offer customized solutions tailored to your transportation needs, doesn’t matter whether you’re in the agricultural sector, consumer and retail, energy, or industrial sector.

We treat every customer the same whether they’ve been with us for years or are just starting to use our services.

Well-Rounded Experience As A Difference-Maker

Why does our Operations team stand head and shoulders above the rest? They are dedicated experts at their jobs for sure. But they’re also completely aware of the logistics process from end to end.

They are cross-trained on every aspect of operations so that any member of our staff can handle any situation.

They are logistics specialists, yes, but our approach is holistic. We allow them to become fully versed in the needs of many different types of accounts.

They have experience with a wide range of commodities and their special requirements. They are empowered, knowledgeable, and can handle any situation. Above all, they are supported by managers and executives who have been in the logistics business for years hence the depth and breadth of years of accumulated knowledge and experience is at their fingertips.

Going Above and Beyond

Our Operations team gets the job done, even if that means following up on Saturday because their client’s shipment arrives on Sunday. The supply chain doesn’t stop for weekends, and neither do we. Our Ops team communicates with each driver, so they know when the goods arrive at your preferred destination.

What If I Don’t Want To Give Up Control Of My Supply Chain?

You don’t have to! Trustworthy third-party logistics providers work as an extension of your business. We’re not about replacing people or making all the decisions for your business. Our priority is to help put time back into your day.

Then, you can spend more time making strategic decisions for your company and not fret about the daily tasks of your shipping needs.

Interested in working with Senga? Reps are standing by to answer your questions about our services.

Talk to us about your logistics needs by connecting with us at or fill out a ‘Contact Us’ form here.

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